German Classes in Bangalore

German classes in Bangalore


 #Myth: The primary reason for an individual to enroll for German Classes in Bangalore is that he/she aspires to study in Germany for his/her higher education.

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Great, Then

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Look at the popular funny quotes describing the complexity of German Language

I don’t believe there is anything in the whole earth that you can’t learn in Berlin except the German language.
– Mark Twain’s Notebook ( Mark Twain

How charmed I am when I overhear a German word, which I understand!
– Letter to W. D. Howells, 5/4/1878

Whenever the literary German dives into a sentence, that is the last you are going to see of him till he emerges on the other side of his Atlantic with his verb in his mouth.
– A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

I can understand German as well as the maniac that invented it, but I talk it best through an interpreter.
– A Tramp Abroad

Looking at all the aforementioned quotes by who’s who of the world. You might ask – Do I really need to learn this conscientious language? Perhaps, snorting chilly powder or jumping from the cliff of the mountain or swimming in the ocean against the currents you’d find it effortless.

Yet, there must be persuading reasons why there are thousands of people who search on Internet “Best German Classes in Bangalore”. These people might be contemplating on not only learning but also which institute to learn German language course from? After all, there are few academies, which are truly worth taking course from. Like: GOETHE; REKNOWN EDU SERVICES® and so on. 

#Myth-buster: There are 8 popular reasons why one must learn German Language today in fast paced and globalized city like Bangalore.

  1. German Is considered as language of Innovators and inventors.
  2. Many international schools have mandated the German Language course in Bangalore to be taught to the students.
  3. A popular belief – learning German language opens gates to world-class education.
  4. Germany enjoys unparalleled economic supremacy in European Union – find here
  5. Germans are ubiquitous – It is found that Germans are fond of travelling around the globe.
  6. Subscribing for us can get you a job in plethora of German companies based in Bangalore today.
  7. Wish to travel to Europe? German is the most widely spoken native Language in entire Europe.
  8. German has gigantic online presence – After “.com” the most common extension in the world is “.de”. Knowing language can help you to access the website and their information.

The aforementioned reasons must have propelled the interest in you to learn this beautiful German language now. If you wish to know where can you achieve this feat?

 You are just a call away to get the best German classes in Bangalore


You may ask – Why us for German classes in Bangalore ?

  1. We just do not stick to the bookish knowledge of German language but we also give an insight into the way of life, and the hopes and dreams of people in German speaking countries, thereby broadening your horizon.
  2. We help you learn not only the language but also the culture in our German classes.
  3. Looking to learn German language course in Bangalore within short time span? We are here to help you. In fact we are the only German Language institute being able to teach you the basic level in shortest span.
  4. We believe in making the classroom lecture fun. Our faculty will teach the language in very unique and effective way with the objective of helping you to speak German fluently and confidently.
  5. RES is approachable, just 5 min walk from the Metro station (Sandal factory station – Near Orion Mall).

Unique Batch Schedules for German classes in Bangalore at RES:

Our German language batches are designed based on the students’ requirements. For Instance –

  1. Super Intensive: Duration 3 weeks. 5 times a week (Monday to Friday), 3 hours per day
  2. Intensive: Duration 5 weeks. 5 times a week (Monday to Friday), 2 hours per day
  3. Weekend: Duration 8 week, 2 times a week (Saturday and Sunday) 3 hours per day
Wish to know how much this courageous task may seek your investment on German classes in Bangalore ?

The market fees at various German language institutes in Bangalore range between ₹ 15000 – ₹ 23000 (plus GST) for German Language A1 Level training. However, at our academy A1 level starts at affordable amount.

Note: After taking classes from our institute, we recommend our students to write the exam set by GOETHE Institute in Max Mueller Bhavan in Indiranagar in Bangalore.




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