German student visa process in India (2021) | How to Apply?

German Student Visa

German student visa process in India is a very tedious one. Thus we recommend you to start your visa process no sooner you receive your admissions from your university. In the year 2018, there was an unprecedented surge in booking Visa slots by the students. These students booked visa slots without even receiving their admission letter and that turned visa process a haywire. The deserving students failed to get appointment before time and failed to make it to the university. Ever since then, VFS has also become an alternative method to book appointment for the Visa. But, in no way booking an appointment through VFS Global Visa will assure you a visa.

Checklist for Visa process in India:

  • Valid Passport with at least two pages empty (Issued within 10 years and valid at least for another one year)
  • Filled Application form – 2 copies
  • Signed Declaration form – 2 copies
  • Copy of your passport’s data page (A 4 size) – 2 copies
  • Statement of purpose / Motivation letter
  • Proof of admittance / Offer letter from university – Original & 2 copies
  • Where not confirmed by the university in the admission notification – Proof of Language skills as per the language of instruction for the study course – Original & 2 copies
  • Where applicable (Certificates of other academic qualification) – Original & 2 copies
  • CV – 2 copies
  • Proof of financial means* – Scholarship Confirmation | Formal obligation letter by sponsor living in Germany | Blocked account confirmation letter – €10335
  • 3 passport pictures** – Not older than 6 months
  • Visa fees of €75 paid in INR only. Please refer to this website before booking an appointment. 
  • Travel Health Insurance, Valid on arrival in Germany to the date of enrollment at the university

You must make sure that you take the print out of the checklist and sign it too. Because, this is also an important document that you need to carry along, during your interview.

  • * Proof of financial means – Kotak Mahindra Bank or Deutsche Bank or Capital India Finance Ltd offers blocked account in India that meets the requirement of  the visa procedure. Also, please note that you cannot withdraw more than €861 a month. This is applicable since 1/8/2020. Even, you could refer this link to find alternative options for opening a blocked account.
  • ** Passport pictures – You must meet these biometric requirements in order to process your visa smoothly. 

Steps for German Student Visa Process in India

  •  Fill out this Visa Application form, then take a print out and then sign it. 
  • Take the print out of the declaration form and sign it. 
  • Book an appointment for your interview in German Mission
  • Obtain a demand draft based on the exchange rate a day or two before your visa appointment. 

Note: German Missions accept Demand Drafts from all the nationalized banks of India. Primarily, you must make sure that your DD is not lower than 2 months. Also, you have to make sure that your DD issued is as follows: 

German Student Visa Process In India

Contact us if you have difficulty in dealing with the situation.

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  • hey
    do u have any document or video which show how to fill the student visa application for Germany.

  • Hello sir,

    I have got admission in a non university affiliated institute.
    can i be eligible for visa or do consulate only give visa for affiliated or university institutes.

    Thank you ,

  • I am looking for MS/MBA program in Germany.


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